We strive to be transparent with the supply chains of each of the products we sell. The items we offer have been hand-picked not only because of their glorious designs, but because we believe in the ethos & ideologies behind the individuals & communities making them (you can find this information in every product description). We also strive be honest about the grey areas where we don’t entirely know how and where elements of our items were made. We want to empower you as our customer with as much knowledge as we can and trust you to make purchases you believe in, whether that is with us or somewhere else.

As one humanity, we have found ourselves in a cycle of consumptive habits that are slowly destroying us. The further we have traveled down the road of seeking sustainability in fashion, we have seen how high the stacks are raised against small businesses trying to implement ethical practices from head to toe. This knowledge has made us slower to cast blame and more eager to cheer on other small businesses trying to do good within their means. One step at a time! It’s also inspired a greater passion to support policy reform that prioritizes the principles of fair trade across our global trading system. This is work that requires all of us to participate. We’re glad you’re here with us!