How to Wash Linen

We love linen because it is one of the oldest, purest textiles humans have used to create clothing. It’s been a vibrant part of cultures throughout the world for centuries! It’s made using fibers from the flax plant, which requires very little water and very little pesticide use to grow. It’s stronger and more absorbent than cotton, and possesses the same cooling + insulating qualities as its white, fluffy cousin. Undyed linen is entirely biodegradable (see our “flax dot” fabric). So how do you care for linen garments? Here are some tips we’ve picked up along the way:


Select a delicate cycle and adjust the temperature to warm (not cold or hot). Linen will shrink if you wash it in a conventionally hot cycle.


Line-drying is a wonderful, energy-efficient method to dry your linen garments. If you’re in a pinch for time, machine drying works as well! Tumble dry your garments on a low-to-medium heat. Remove them from the dryer before they are completely dry, and hang or lie flat to complete the process.


Everybody knows wrinkles are typical to linen garments, so you get a bit of social grace if you rack up a few wrinkles throughout the day. If you’d like to smooth them out, set your iron to it’s “linen” setting (typically hotter than “cotton”), and use steam as you iron (or spritz the fabric with a spray bottle). The more you wear your garments, the less wrinkle-prone they will become. Like all good things, linen gets better with time!