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Molly's Booklist!

Hey guys!

We just got back from our tour through Texas where we spent some time talking with different groups about the garment industry, human trafficking, & everything in between. We had a couple of requests for a list of books where folks can learn more about these issues-- so I made a list of all my favorites! These books have been part of my personal journey of understanding injustice within our global trading system, as well as stories of people of faith who have lived courageously in the tension of immense corruption and hope for a better world.

These are listed in no particular order; READ EM ALL! And enjoy them so much!

  1. Strength to Love-- Martin Luther King

  2. Jesus and the Disinherited-- Howard Thurman

  3. Selling Olga-- Louisa Waugh

  4. Sex Trafficking-- Siddharth Kara

  5. Poor Economics-- Abhijit Banejee/Esther Duflo

  6. Disposable People-- Kevin Bales

  7. Not For Sale-- David Batstone

  8. Overdressed-- Elizabeth Cline

  9. Stitched Up-- Tansy Hoskins

  10. The Long Loneliness-- Dorothy Day

  11. Globalization and Its Discontents-- Joseph E. Stiglitz

  12. Half the Sky-- Sheryl WuDunn/Nicholas Kristof

  13. Jesus and Nonviolence: A Third Way-- Walter Wink

  14. A Nun on the Bus-- S. Simone Campbell

  15. The Irresistible Revolution-- Shane Claiborne