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So, why Ethical Fashion?

We want to talk about one thing: 

There are people behind the clothes that we wear. 

In fact, fashion is the most labor-dependent industry on earth. However, only 2% of apparel companies source from suppliers that pay workers a living wage. Fashion is a 3 trillion dollar a year industry. The power of purchase is real and it is enormous. 

Fashion is wonderful because self-expression and art hold enormous value in the human spirit and society. Still, the fashion industry as we know it is broken. We are profiting off of the world's poor, and that is not okay. 

There are roughly 40 million garment workers around the world today, and nearly every one of them endures unfair labor practices: hazardous working conditions, long hours with few or no days off, ignored overtime, few or zero workers’ rights, and well below a living wage. In many cases, a month’s salary isn’t sufficient to cover the cost of food for one household, which is when children drop out of school to join their parents in the factory to earn extra income– perpetuating the cycle of poverty. If factory workers protest for better treatment, companies will oftentimes find another factory willing to meet their price point. One study even showed that Cambodian women preferred working in prostitution than in the garment industry, painting a grim picture of the reality many of these women are facing. What kind of life is that?

At The Simple Kind, we believe in a better way. We're a unique voice of design within a vibrant ethical fashion community that is laboring to see global trade flipped on its head and used for good. Our responsibility as citizens of the earth should not be reduced to our shopping habits, but by making ethical choices with the purchases we make every day, we are actively strengthening efforts to empower communities, ensuring children can stay school, and ultimately breaking the cycles of poverty that make exploitation possible. By celebrating the cultural beauty and craftsmanship of those who make our clothes, we're saying loud and clear that we believe in the humanity and dignity of our brothers and sisters all over the world.