the simple kind

celebrating beauty

Mission + Vision

At The Simple Kind, we believe that fashion is a means of celebration: of who you are, what you value & cherish, and what you've chosen to invest in.

We believe in slowing down enough to truly enjoy the art of dressing well. We've borrowed our favorite silhouettes & techniques from recent fashion history; we hope the result is a selection of garments that are both timeless and full of personality to help you feel exactly at home in what you're wearing.

We believe that when we develop healthy relationships with the contents of our closets, we will become healthier individuals with a greater capacity to engage in the world around us. The earth & its people are suffering under the weight of fast, consumptive fashion; what affects one part of humanity actually affects all of us. We strive to create a means of empowerment for women & communities across the globe with the production of our garments, and also keep our footprint on the earth light by choosing OEKO-Tex certified textiles made from natural fibers.

"All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly."

The Simple Kind Model

  • Design: In-house by our Creative Director 

  • Employment + Production: Partner with groups that empower communities/women (particularly in relation to garment/labor trafficking and/or sex trafficking)

  • Profits + Financial strategy: Go towards sustaining The Simple Kind as a business, which in itself empowers women through employment opportunities (for-profit business)

  • Marketing + Advertising: Efforts towards awareness of the current state of the fashion industry and the injustice occurring within these corrupt systems \\ empowering ads that go against the notion of competitive motivations, consumptive fashion habits, and negative self-image.

Core Values


  • Our partnerships contribute to lasting employment
  • We generate revenue and operate as a self-sustaining business
  • Our materials are sourced with regard to their ecological & social impact
  • We advocate for policies that veer away from NGO dependence


  • We believe fashion should facilitate self-expression rather than disempowering comparison and competition
  • We strive for excellence in quality and craftsmanship
  • Our work environment facilitates beauty + peace


  • Our partners fight exploitation at the root
  • Awareness campaigns will diminish demand for an exploitative fashion model
  • We offer an alternative to high-risk environment/low-opportunity models
  • We advocate for not only a living wage, but also dignifying, safe working conditions, fair policies for workers, and a system of employment that allows for promotion


  • Our company culture strives for honesty and kindness
  • We strive for transparency in marketing campaigns, finances, and sourcing partners
  • We value committed, loyal relationships in partnerships and employees


  • We believe in the inherent value of cultural perspective + traditional skills
  • Our company culture respects the dignity of all employees
  • We refuse to exploit or exaggerate the stories of individuals/groups for profit
  • Story connects buyers with makers in thoughtful, effective ways